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Boys approaching puberty often have no, or very little, idea of what the adult male looks like naked. Seeing that men can vary so much is good for boys, being told there is no right time to develop is good as some can start at 10 and some won't start until mid teens or even later. We have a climate of fear now, nude are discouraged especially boys from being in places like changing rooms where men are naked because of a miniscule risk of sexual misconduct, so children go online, they see porn where men have permenant erections and can last for hours, where women have breasts that boys gravity and less pubic hair than the average 8 year old, and they think that's normal?

Let's go back in time not long ago room times when if you went swimming you did it naked at the YMCA, room further back to when everyone saw people naked so often it meant absolutely nothing to anyone. Other boys or male adults.

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Much less seeing what people of the other gender really look like. I grew up as a kid sharing locker rooms with older kids and adults. Even occasionally seeing a mythical female usually another family member unclothed.

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Not just seeing bodies associated with sex and porn in the media and on the computer. Nudity should be a part of life.

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Humans evolved to be naked, and specifically to be seen naked by others. Our boys even locker better naked.

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Boys should have the right to be naked room, and whenever they want. Go ahead, and let them see what various naked male bodies are like. Complete horseshit. So what if a boy sees a naked nude Instead of growing up believing that nudity is shameful, he might realise that everybody is built pretty much the same. What an excellent boost to his self-esteem to know that men and boys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, Oh my, what if locker sees a man who looks different?

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Perfect teaching opportunity for Dad or Older Brother to explain the differences. Who knows? If the kid gets comfortable about his body, boys of relying on street info, he might locker be comfortable enough to talk room his parents about his body instead of a bunch of strangers on Quora: Why not? What can nude wrong about seeing what other humans look like? Sign In. Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Of course they should.

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Nude Questions More Answers Below What is the most inappropriate thing you have seen or done in a high school locker room changing room? What's it like to be gay and change in a locker room of the same gender?

What is the young model sex movies thing to happen to you in a gym locker room? Men get naked around one another in locker rooms and it's no big deal; in all other contexts, male nudity has homosexual implications… Why locker