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Teens are over confident in their web abilities, but they perform worse than adults. Teens are wired. To succeed in a world where the next best thing is a click away and text message interruptions are the rule, not the exception, website and app creators must clearly understand what teens want and how to keep them on a site.

Teens are not technowizards who surf the web with abandon. Letting stereotypes steer your design can lead to disastrous outcomes. Teenagers cute the internet on many devices in various environments. For our research, we focused on web and app usability for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. We derived usability guidelines for engaging teens and keeping them on your site. These recommendations are based on observational studies using multiple methodologies.

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A total of users between the ages of 13 and 17 participated in three rounds of research: We triangulated findings across three methods:. We conducted studies in the U. We tested a roughly equivalent number of boys and girls on a total of websites and 30 girls with a naked guy that covered a broad range of genres, including:. As little examples show, we tested both specialized sites that explicitly target teenagers and mainstream sites that include teens as part of a broad-target audience.

Teenagers access the web for myriad activities, including entertainment.

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Generally, they have a specific goal, even if that goal is just to keep themselves occupied for 10 minutes. Although their specific tasks might differ from adults, teens are similar to adults in major ways: The good news: Teens are becoming more successful at navigating websites and finding what they need. At the time of the third study, the oldest participant was born in and the youngest was born in ; therefore, all participants in this study grew up with access to computers. Between all cute studies conducted over little last 15 years for this report, the amount of time teenagers spend on computers and mobile devices has steadily increased.

How effective teenagers are cute technology is correlated with the amount of time using technology. Are teens getting better or are websites getting better?

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Probably a bit of both. We observed many of the same teen user habits among teens in our last study as we saw in our first teen, back in Thus, the improved performance obviously stems in part from improvements in website design. That said, even luis griffin sucking cock teens in our original study were heavy web users, teenagers today have even greater access to the internet and spend more time using it.

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This generation grew up with technology and is much more effective at using it than the participants in our first study in which the oldest participant was born in and the youngest in The bad news: Teens are not as invincible as some people think. Although teens might feel confident online, they do make mistakes and often give little quickly.

Fast-moving teens are also less cautious than adults and make snap judgments; these lead to fewer successfully completed tasks.

Teen Motivations for Using Websites

Also note that we have seen these factors in all our research with teenagers during a year period, meaning that they are likely to continue to hold in the future, even if other teen habits may change as fads come and go. Across different types of websites, teens had the most success on ecommerce websites, which often adhered to design standards and required little reading. Teens encountered sexy nude moving pic greatest challenges on large sites with dense content and poor navigation schemes.

Government, nonprofit, and school sites were the biggest culprits of teen usability. Despite usability improvements, we observed users struggling with the same issues as in previous years — as well as new issues created by emerging features and design approaches. Thus, both traditional and new guidelines must be considered as technology and people continually evolve; our new report contains total guidelines, compared with 61 in the first edition and in the second.

Many of the guidelines also apply to general audiences.

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For teens, however, these guidelines are even more important because the usability issues present bigger hurdles. Write for impatient users. Nothing deters younger audiences more than a cluttered screen full of text.