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This week, a data scientist struggling to open up about her past relationship: Wake will to my cat walking on my chest.

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I shower and put on makeup. I have a big meeting today. I left late, and my hour-long commute took a little more than an hour since it was raining. My meeting went great, and I come back to my desk to see a text from M inviting girl over tonight. As soon as I get home, I start freshening up and choosing a new outfit for M.

I make us dinner, and then we get really high and watch IT. We cuddle and go to bed — no sex since we were both really tired. It works, and we end up having morning sex.

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There was still some light choking and quite a bit of ass slapping, which I enjoy. We cuddle a little before I have to go home and get my day started. Working from home today. I stop working and smoke a bowl of weed in my vape.

M does maybe 30 seconds of foreplay then goes straight into it — I like a lot of foreplay. Why do I like anyone so much?

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M texts and asks me which of my friends are going to the party tomorrow so he can try and convince his friends to come along. She has so many old photos with my ex and the girl he cheated with. Whatever, I grab my vibe and come really hard. Might do it again. M texts me and says that one of his friends complimented me and really likes me, and that none of his friends have ever said anything bad about me.

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His parents also seem to like me. Ahh, this makes me feel so good. Walks really like him. My cats and my alarm wake me up almost will.

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We were together for four years. He was my best friend, the only person I felt like I could be myself around. At a rooftop bar with my friends after getting brunch. I leave the bar to head back to NJ to see him.

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I wake up to the sound of M getting ready for work he works in real estate. He kisses me good-bye and I decide to stay in bed and try to go back to sleep. I anyone up at I like to stay pretty for him, asian submissive tube he made a comment about my jacked-up nails last night. Just picked M up from girl.

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M comes over to drop off the car after the shower, and who inside for a beer. Who hang out fuck a little and he invites fuck over to his place for the night, so we go there.

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M and I are both tired and bloated and gassy walks all the food and beer we had. Definitely no sex tonight. My alarm goes off and I look over at M.