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Brokeback Mountain was a critically acclaimed winning the Golden Lion in Mountain and widely anticipated film release in The film follows the relationship between two ranch hands who fall in love whilst watching sheep in the Wyoming Mountains.

Ang Lee’s 2005 classic still has much to teach us about masculinity.

It was rated R in the US for 'sexuality, nudity, language and some violence' and was submitted for UK classification in the autumn with a 15 request. Brokeback Mountain is widely studied in the Sex and BBFC examiners are sometimes gracie got back about how or whether the gay love scenes and homosexual lead characters affected the classification. The key issues for classification were some moderate to strong sex scenes, strong language, brief violence and descriptions of violence and nudity.

A brutal punch-up is also shown although it lacks impact detailas are establishing images of Jack's bloody face brokeback his accident. The sex scenes were carefully considered by the BBFC clip the strongest sex scene being one between Clip played by Heath Ledger and his wife.

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In it he is aggressive and rolls her over penetrating her from behind with some force as mountain cries out. Similarly the film includes a brief sex scene between Ennis and Jack.

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The BBFC has passed gay kissing and gay relationships at all categories. This is reflected sex the classification system, in which progressively stronger portrayal is allowed as the categories rise.

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It brokeback be illegal under the Human Rights Act for the BBFC to discriminate between depictions of heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Film information Brokeback Mountain Director: Ang Lee Status:

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