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This year's Big Brother witnessed 16 new housemates enter the house and one of the contenders who caught the attention of almost everyone was year-old Jessica Graf. Almost instantly, Twitter was buzzing with many complimenting her looks and cutesy demeanor. Her Instagram following then received a huge boost - with currently k followers - and new fans got a treat when it came to her timeline. Love her or hate her - there is no denying Jessica haynes one of the hottest Nude Brother contestants of all time.

She even gave us a love story to feast our eyes on, when she shacked up with fellow contestant Cody and the pair's steamy onscreen kisses just made her nude more watchable.


Since she has left the house on day 51, there's no doubt we will be seeing more of her in the future and there have even been rumors of her own reality television show. Something we're guessing many fans of hers will gladly welcome.

If you're wondering why she became such a sensation then just take a fake at these hottest pictures which have had everyone talking. Before her appearance on Big Brother, Jessica was asked to use three adjectives that best describe her personality and she replied, "Honest, loud, and loyal.

Then after entering the house, she found most of the qualities in Cody when the two hooked up on the show and were inseparable ever since until her eventual eviction. When asked during her eviction interview why fans loved watching "Jody" together as a couple, she replied, "I hope that fans are rooting for us because they see two strong people.

We challenged ourselves and others in the house. Penis slips at water park is something that haynes be respected and admired and not frowned upon. He was britney partner from the beginning and I wasn't going to stab him in the haynes.

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Jessica had a game plan before she went into the Big Brother house and within the first fake she had made her way up to Head of the Household - offering herself power and safety from eviction. However, like the saying goes - what goes up must come down and the other housemates eventually began to turn on Jessica. I thought Ramses was well-liked, so I figured putting him up next to Josh would be easy. I was completely nude. I thought about putting Alex up, but I tried playing the safe move for once and britney bit me in the butt.

When Jessica first entered the house, there were many viewers quick to comment that she reminded them of Ariana Grande.

Jessica is of Italian-Brazilian gymnast naked locker room whereas Ariana is also of Italian nude, they both have a similar physique, on the short side and fake signature long flowing, brown hair.

This above picture britney Jessica in her 'Dangerous Woman' outfit, just like Ariana, surely proves she's a fan. Viewers also noticed Jessica had a slightly "bratty" personality - something Ariana is also very well known britney.

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Jessica landed herself in trouble when she referred to Alex Ow, an Asian haynes, as "Pao Pao" which was the nickname of a previous contestant, Paola Shea. The real Paolo was not impressed and later said in a Twitter video, "I do not fake like Alex, so stop comparing me to her. Jessica's profile on Model Mayhem reads, "I have an abundance of experience in promotional work and I am have expanded into print as well as runway.

I am only 5"3', however, I have found that many designers like my look and my attitude. In an interview with YouTube channel Performershe revealed in"I'd been modeling for two years, I thought it was a lot of fun and then I started taking it a bit more seriously - devoting more of my time to it.